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1610061 by skysongxD
"Just like the flower petals over there, just like having wings, but there's no chance"
Happy birthday J.
Quote is from Awake by Jin from BTSPusheen Emote #btsarmy 
Hehe...,, Emote   too tired
Done in watercolour and coloured pencil Bread Pusheen icon 
Countess by skysongxD
Noble Count outfit from gw2 done with watercolour and acrylic
-Vader Intensifies- 
For J-pon
Annihilator by skysongxD
Neko Emoji-21 (Sweat or Creep out) [V2]  Kareshi has a unique taste in armour Neko Emoji-04 (Sleeping)  done using watercolour (Yaaay I have watercolour paper)
Armour is Grasping dead armour with the bloodstone crown LazyIcon I wanna use - 14 OwO 
Paint You Wings by skysongxD
Paint You Wings
Every time I want to scan a drawing I have to spend 2 days looking for a scanner so I just scanned a bunch of drawings at once  Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
Colouring pencil takes forever...and ever Neko Atsume tubbs plz 
Fireflower by skysongxD
This took me way longer than I thought Kao Emoji-42 (Dead) [V3] 
I'm working on art for someone's birthday and the deadline is October hence me actually being active *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 
used colouring pencil and copics RIP my hand
I just really wanted to draw an elf
Hey due to exams (and more exams) I won't be posting any art anytime soon... as it's just sitting around waiting to be coloured by a certain someone.

And if any of you have timee could you check out my fanfiction (it's SASUNARU so if you don't like don't bother 'kay? Simple.) <--- :iconjarryplz:

I've got 5 chapters out of the story so far (there will probs be more added when I can be bothered to actually write ahead)

Ja ppl~


skysongxD's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Ayo GG I'm Sora or whatever | weeaboo trash| I go by a lot of different names and stuff but I never remember them so ignore the first part I could be called toast for all you know | team no sleep | that's about it. :blahblah:
Twitter: legit_sai

stamp Naruto Fan by Dark-ShionYondaime Stamp by kairiSpardaTeam Minato Stamp by Rika24Sasuke-kun Stamp by swingthiswayNaruto Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxSasuke Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxReal Ninjas by xXx-naruto-xXx:thumb372544316:Stamp - AsunaxKirito by ChelimkaKirito Stamp by klll100Sasunaru stamp.. ^^ by LunaDelilah Misaki Yata (K Project) by BlueDragon-dsgnOrihara Izaya Stamp by ReverieSummoner Spinzaya Stamp by Kow-ChanNo.6: Nezumi by UsualCaseNO. 6 - Kiss Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoNo. 6 - We'll Meet Again Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoNO. 6 Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoGareki by LaraLeeLKaroku Stamp by Shannah67
Sasunaru - Stamp by Kaorulov Karneval: GarekixNai -stamp- by Iwonn Gareki Stamp Gif (Karneval) by BlueDragon-dsgn Sasuke Stamp by RandomTonsMinato Namikaze Stamp 01 by Natzabel Black Rock Shooter by azianwolfdollBGS vs BRS by azianwolfdoll...Black...Rock...Shooter... by azianwolfdollNaughty Neon Lights by azianwolfdoll...The Melancholy Of... by azianwolfdollNezumi stamp by TkaczkaStamp ~ Shion's a cutie by Judiette
'Project K' Stamp by Mayoratiyashiro stamp by kiba-chan27Yatogami Kuroh (K Project) by BlueDragon-dsgnFushimi Saruhiko (K Project) by BlueDragon-dsgnFushimi x Yata (K Project) by BlueDragon-dsgnSuoh Mikoto (Project K) by BlueDragon-dsgnMunakata Reisi (Project K) by BlueDragon-dsgnKusanagi Izumo (Project K) by BlueDragon-dsgn
Kyoukai no Kanata Stamp by kawaii-desu-3KNK - Stamp by StampsFAKyoukai no Kanata Stamp by KamizawaYukinaKyoukai no kanata movieStamp by BickslowFTKyoukai No Kanata Stamp 1 by wow1076Stamp - Kyoukai no kanata by kuronuumaKyoukai no Kanata Stamp by Paranoxias
Kagerou Project stamp by LeSuschaKagerou Project Stamp by Lumi-BellKagerou Days ~ Children Record [Stamp] III by azaakyStamp: Kano Shuuya - Kagerou Project by MikuFregapaneLost Time Memory ~ Stamp [Kagerou Project] by azaakyKagerou Days ~ Children Record [Stamp] by azaakyKagerou Days ~ Children Record [Stamp] II by azaaky
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutanEren x Levi Stamp by NabiryiLevi/Rivaille Stamp by NabiryiEren Jaeger Stamp by NabiryiHeichou stamp by DorothyBomeraangAttack On Titan Stamp: Surprised Levi by wow1076Attack On Titan Stamp: Levi Drinking Tea by wow1076What is it, Eren? Stamp by Wintry-FireWhat's the Matter, Jean... Stamp by Wintry-FireHe Looked At Me Stamp by wow1076Eren On His Bed Stamp by wow1076Stamp: Rivaille's Special Operations Squad by Lily-de-WakabayashiStamp: Eren flies by Lily-de-WakabayashiStamp: Rivaille attacks by Lily-de-WakabayashiEren x Levi Stamp. by Nabiryi
Rainbow Star Lights Divider by KorueSenpaiRainbow Star Lights Divider by KorueSenpaiRainbow Star Lights Divider by KorueSenpaiRainbow Star Lights Divider by KorueSenpai
Stamp - Mikoto Mikoshiba by kuronuumaStamp - Mikoto Mikoshiba by kuronuuma
Stamp Aoharu x kikanjuu! by BickslowFTTooru Yukimura by latechocoX3Masamune Matsuoka by latechocoX3Sparkling eyes Masamune Matsuoka by latechocoX3
:thumb372534842:Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Stamp by LaraLeeLMorgiana Dancing Stamp by AloiIchigoStamp: Alibaba by KumanariRen Hakuryuu stamp 3 by nerine-yaoiStamp: Magi Ja'far by TribalWhisperHaku baby cry by IchibyInstJafar by IchibyAladdin Stamp by CaptainOroAlibaba Saluja Stamp by junko-in-the-box
Then stop replying. by World-Hero21evil genius stamp by kat-in-the-boxi piss people off stamp by iMissHikariyaoi stamp by Wing-shadowYaoi stamp by sequellePro-SasuBoy by DoctorMLoliFeel better? by Fyi-SusRecord Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFieldOfStars Stamp by SeioraiDazed and confused... by PixieRiotToast Stamp by Kezzi-RoseOnigiri Stamp by Kezzi-RoseAngryKoalas Support Stamp by renekotte-Obssesed With Yaoi- by Quiirin
ERASED - Stamp by damaster17Kaori Miyazono STAMP! by BickslowFTKousei X Kaori Stamp by Cerulean-Star75Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Stamp by Hime--NyanShigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Stamp - Ver. 2 by Kheila-S
Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chanmy opinion by Fyi-Sus Cloud Strife stamp by xselfdestructiveC l o u d stamp by jackroonoreno has nose by jackroonoCloud Stamp by Fyi-SusCloud Strife Stamp by Fyi-SusZack Fair by Fyi-SusRoger, Dork. by M3StampsZack stamp by SitarPlayerIX
Cloud stamp by SitarPlayerIXFinal Fantsay Versus XIII by ThulaMarquiseNoctis 1 by JinzeFinal Fantasy Fan Forever by SerpentineCougarStamp Cloud by pistraZack Fair Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClubReno Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClub
Free! Stamp by wow1076Free! Stamp: Haruka by wow1076Free! Stamp: Rin by wow1076Free! Stamp: Nagisa by wow1076Free! Stamp: Makoto by wow1076Free! Stamp: Gou 2 by wow1076Free! Stamp: Rei 2 by wow1076
Haruka Nanase - Ending Dance by NileyJoyrus14Free! Stamp 2 by wow1076Free! Stamp: Haruka X Rin 2 by wow1076Free! Stamp: Rei by wow1076Free! Stamp: Haruka 2 by wow1076MakoHaru Stamp by ChibiChibiShaFree! Stamp: Young Haruka by wow1076FREE! - Makoto Nagisa stamp by SonneDarkFree! Anime Stamp by DartzuFree! Stamp 3 by wow1076Free! Stamp: Young Rin 2 by wow1076Free! Stamp: Rin 3 by wow1076RinHaru stamp by upuiRinHaru stamp by upuiKou - Must Not Look by NileyJoyrus14Free! Stamp 14 by wow1076Free! Eternal Summer Stamp - Haru by JulesieHaru Stamp by VeroChamaFree! Stamp: Rin by wow1076Free! Stamp: Makoto 9 by wow1076Free! Stamp: Rin and Sosuke by wow1076Free! stamp: cop Rin Matsuoka. by jellyfisshesFree! Stamp: Makoto 10 by wow1076Free!: Sousuke /Sosuke Yamazaki stamp by SakamakiJustineFree!:Kisumi Shigino stamp by SakamakiJustineFree! Stamp 15 by wow1076
Stars by IngloriousBunnyStars by IngloriousBunnyStars by IngloriousBunnyStars by IngloriousBunny
Kuroko no Basuke Stamp by junko-in-the-boxKise Stamp by Dirty-DreamsStamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxXKagamicchi Midorimacchi by Absolute-KingKiseki no Sedai by Absolute-KingWTF by Absolute-Kingdie Kise by Absolute-KingStamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxXDON'T ANNOUNCE IT! - Kuroko No Basket  Stamp by LucarityStamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxXStamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxX
Noragami: Yato stamp by SakamakiJustineStamp|Noragami. by Niche7Stamp|Yato. by Niche7Stamp|Yukine. by Niche7Stamp Yukine and Yato Fan by Dark-ShionStamp|Yato x Yukine. by Niche7Stamp|Yato. by Niche7Stamp|Yukine. by Niche7Stamp Yato by Dark-ShionYato Stamp by Janoneee
Tokyo Ghoul Stamp 2 by Knightwalker08Tokyo Ghoul stamp by BickslowFTTokyo Ghoul Boo.! stamp by BickslowFTStamp Tokyo Ghoul by IyokaniTokyo Ghoul: Kaneki Ken Stamp by SakamakiJustine Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki  Ken Stamp II by SakamakiJustineTokyo Ghoul - Touka Stamp by She-KaijuKaneki-kun stamp by Kaze-yoStamp-Tokyo-ghoul by Al00ndr44Tokyo Ghoul - Stamp 7 by Paolachief117
Diabolik lovers : Mukami Brothers by SakamakiJustineDiabolik Lovers Stamp - Ayato by LaraLeeLDiabolik Lovers Stamp - Subaru by LaraLeeLDiabolik Lovers Stamp: Sakamaki Ayato by wow1076Usui Takumi Stamp by LaraLeeLDiabolik Lovers Stamp - Shuu by LaraLeeL
Haikyuu!! Stamp by JanoneeeHaikyuu!! Stamp 2: [Megane] by RiazeyKageyama Stamp by JanoneeeHinata Stamp by JanoneeeHaikyuu!! Stamp: [Determination] by RiazeyHaikyuu!! Stamp #3 by JanoneeeHaikyuu!! Stamp #2 by JanoneeeHaikyuu!! Stamp #1 by JanoneeeHaikyuu!! Stamp 3: [Innocence] by Riazey
noya-senpai -pagedoll- by yuniizu



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